Cafe Projects

Food Strategy is your expert in foodservice design, including for cafes or coffee shops. Designing and creating your dream café starts with a consultation and floor plan, and goes wherever your heart and budget desire. Our experienced team can help you turn your cafe ideas into reality.

You’ve probably imagined a relaxing place where your customers can get their morning coffee before going to work, a place where people can chill with tea and cake, a place where they can devour smashed avo on toast and all that your kitchen or display cabinet has to offer!

We are proud to share a selection of our latest cafe ideas, designs and projects. Our expertise in cafe interior design is built through years of experience in creating immersive and innovative concepts throughout Australia. Designing functional commercial kitchens and eye-catching front-of-house areas are key to helping cafes towards profitability.

Give your clients the best cafe experience today. Want to chat? Give us a call.