Restaurant Projects

Food Strategy has extensive expertise in restaurant kitchen design. We are committed to creating sustainable designs for a high-performance restaurant kitchen. Together with our knowledgeable restaurant consultants, we provide beautiful and engaging designs and efficient and compliant kitchen workflows. We love bringing our clients’ visions to life.

Each restaurant kitchen fitout is unique. Our layouts and equipment specification are never approached with a one-solution-fits-all mentality. Each design is based on the clients’ requirements, such as commercial space, leasing requirements, existing kitchen elements, menu and cuisine type, customers, branding, and more.

We are highly competent in applying important aspects of restaurant interior design in many of the restaurants we work with. Our interior designers give valuable insights into the latest commercial design trends and create a lasting impression for customers and visitors to your restaurant.

Food Strategy is proud to present a selection of our restaurant projects from all over Australia. Let us help you bring your restaurant vision to life – contact us today!