Hospital Projects

Hospital Kitchen designs facilitate the bulk production and service of food within specific windows of time. From the delivery of goods, all the way through to the patient’s dining table, HACCP compliance is critical. Given the high-risk nature of serving food to patients with a wide variety of needs, maintaining and monitoring temperatures is absolutely essential for food safety. 

Hospital kitchen layouts typically take up large areas, even a whole floor in a building. The layouts are often busy, with many working parts. These multi-faceted environments need to accommodate high numbers of employees at any given time, as well as a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment. High attention to detail and kitchen efficiency during the design stage prevents major kitchen production issues down the track. 

The type of equipment specified in hospital kitchen designs will depend on the type of kitchen: cook-fresh or cook-chill. There is no best solution, rather, it depends on the facility, the kitchen floor space, the people being served and the hospital’s needs and budget requirements. Cook-chill kitchens typically require a larger footprint to accommodate thermalisation carts and equipment. 

Food Strategy is ready to design your hospital kitchen. Our team can provide professional insights on planning and designing the kitchen, acquiring equipment from reputable suppliers and keeping the kitchen up and running within budgets. For more information contact us today.