Virtual reality is shaking up the food industry. It takes more than an eye-catching shop front and an excellent restaurant design to attract customers nowadays. Your digital marketing strategy is your most powerful tool.

Let Your Diners In Via Google Indoor Street View – The Newest Marketing Opportunity

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Virtual reality is shaking up the food industry. It takes more than an eye-catching shop front and an excellent restaurant design to attract customers nowadays. Your digital marketing strategy is your most powerful tool.

Google Indoor Street View has broken new ground in restaurant marketing. This innovative technology allows potential customers to tour restaurants online and see what it’s like to dine there. Research shows that restaurant listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to attract customers. Google Indoor Street View will drive more customers to your restaurant.

Location, location, location – that’s one of the most important things that business owners consider when starting their business. After they open their restaurant, we recommend one more thing – virtual tour, virtual tour, virtual tour.

If you are a restaurant owner, don’t just think of foot traffic. Web traffic is also important. People don’t want to waste time and energy in their busy lives, so they are constantly looking for ways to do tasks efficiently. A man looking for a romantic restaurant for his date will surf the web and read customer reviews of restaurants near him. A savvy secretary will browse the Internet for fine dining restaurants and book a table online.

Google Indoor Street View is sweeping through businesses across the world. These indoor virtual tours are a hit and ideally suited to the foodservice industry – absolute gold for cafes and restaurants.

Google Indoor Street View shows people what it’s like to be in your restaurant before they arrive. They will enjoy a visually-rich 360° view of your establishment, and they can even walk around it. If your restaurant looks good and serves even better food, your business will greatly benefit from a virtual tour. With just a click of the “See Inside” button, people will see how welcoming your restaurant is – and they will visit you.

  1. More people will know about your restaurant. Mobile mania is a phenomenon. According to the latest Nielsen Mobile Ratings Report, Australians spend almost 35 hours engaging with digital content on their smartphones. This number will only get higher. If you want to reach more people, turn your business information into digital content and put it in front of them. Better yet, put it on Google because most people use it to search online. The virtual tours of Google Indoor Street View can be viewed on mobile, tablet and desktop, so more people can find out about your restaurant. The high definition images will give them an immersive and engaging experience. Getting a Google Indoor Street View will make your business stand out among the competition. Potential customers will see your virtual tour in Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus Local.
  2. Your restaurant’s appearance and interior design will attract more people. You hired a designer for your restaurant because you know that appearance matters when it comes to catching the eye of potential customers. The interior designer made sure that diners will feel comfortable while enjoying the meals you serve them. Google Indoor Street View will help people see what your restaurant looks like outdoors AND indoors. They will get a sneak peek of the memorable dining experience you have to offer. Interior design is no longer just for people eating in your restaurant. Now it’s also for those who wonder what it’s like to be in it.
  3. Google Indoor Street View will make your restaurant more visible online. Your restaurant’s website is your real estate in cyberspace. You need a Google My Business listing to increase your visibility in the search engine. Problem is, many restaurants also have a business listing. You can make your restaurant stand out with a virtual tour, thanks to Google Indoor Street View. Your virtual tour will be available in Google Maps and Google Plus Local. You can even embed the virtual tour on your website and Facebook Business Page. When people explore your restaurant online, they help boost your website’s ranking on Google. The higher your rank on Google’s search pages, the more likely you will attract online customers in your restaurant or cafe.
  4. Customers will get more information that they need. People usually, look for the following information when choosing a restaurant: location, menu, prices and customer reviews. If they see that your restaurant is near them, that’s fine. But how will they know that they won’t step into a dim concrete box with dusty furniture when they visit you? A virtual tour allows people to find out if you have the right environment for them. They will know if you have the right restaurant for a family event, a business meeting or a marriage proposal. If your restaurant offers a calming view of the sea or a breathtaking view of the mountainside, people will know about that, too, and they will want to visit you.
  5. People will trust your business more. If your business is legitimate and your restaurant is well designed, you have nothing to hide. In fact, you should show off your restaurant. People want a clean, well-lighted place where they can enjoy delicious meals and unwind. According to a survey, 62% of people use Google to search for local businesses online, and 2 out of 3 of them want more virtual tours. Once they experience the amazing virtual tour of your restaurant, they will know what to expect and feel assured about the quality of your food business.

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