To promote ethical and responsible decision making and behaviour in everything we do and for everyone we engage with, Food Strategy has standards and policies adopted during mandatory training programs for all employees. They embody honesty, integrity, quality and trust.

Our people are selected because they are passionate about their craft, clients, safety and the sustainability of people and the globe. Our culture is built on our core values. This business will continue to evolve to strengthen our corporate reputation by embracing new practices for workplace safety and the environment.

In addition, Food Strategy abides by the code of conduct and integrity of ASOFIA (Australian Shop & Office Fitting Industry Association) and holds designer membership and accreditation. We must abide by their codes of conduct and ethics, continued professional growth and development including sustainable design and workplace safety practices to ensure our ongoing registration.

Our Purpose

Food Strategy aims to leave a legacy by continuing to be directly involved in the feeding of Australians and the growing population. We will partner with food entrepreneurs and business leaders to enable them to deliver on their promises on time.

Our Values

Values drive our beliefs and culture. They are used to measure the fit of people in our organisation. We value a ‘victor’ mindset — people who demonstrate ownership, accountability and responsibility. We avoid a ‘victim’ mindset — blame, excuses and denial. Our list of key values are:


Demonstrate excellence in yourself and your work. If you’re not proud of it, it’s not good enough. Be the best you can be, and you’ll get where you need to go.

Trust & Respect

Earn and give trust and respect to yourself and others. Use respectful language and ideas to build lifetime relationships and trust. Deliver on your promises.


Time matters. Always be on time for commitments and deliver your work on time.


Be the master of your own learning journey and take accountability for it. Seek solutions and ideas at every opportunity – there’s always a way.


Your life journey is a gift. Your control the joy within it, so own it. Be abundant and nurturing to yourself and others. Care for your co-workers, community and the environment.

Sustainable Foodservice Design

When specifying catering equipment, finishes and fixtures into our designs, the impact of their use can have a positive or negative impact on the greater environment.

Food Strategy is committed to assisting clients in creating healthier working and living environments with the aim to reduce a building’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and provide a safe and practical work environment to all stakeholders. Food Strategy adheres to the highest standards of design principles and foodservice as specified by:

  • The Building Code of Australia
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  • The Green Building Council of Australia

Customer Testimonials

Find out what it’s like to work with the Food Strategy team
  • daburger_logo
    Projects like this aren't possible unless you team up with someone like Food Strategy, who have made this process very enjoyable. We're ahead of schedule, touch wood that we continue on in that vein. We're opening here in a week's time, so we'd like to see you all down here. Things that we've loved about the project,: New kitchen is fantastic, functionality is good. It's just the right size now. So we've learnt from our previous stores what we wanted to change, Food Strategy listened. They came in and just gave us what we wanted. We're really happy, we couldn't be happier.
    James D'Ath, Owner
    Da Burger
  • Lady Marmalade
    We had a vision that Food Strategy understood where others had struggled to see what we wanted to achieve. We had tried to get a solid plan in place for 2 years and were only offered problems with no solutions until we met with Food Strategy. Once they came on board, they not only understood our vision but had it drawn and all approvals in place within 4 weeks – they offered us solutions. Food Strategy have supported us every step of the way especially when we wanted a little extra hand holding and now 6 months later are still around when we need them even after they have delivered the job.
    Howard and Sonja Searle
    Lady Marmalade Cafe and Bar
  • carinity_Logo
    I have enjoyed working with you and the team and the level of professionalism and design outcomes has been excellent. I look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully working together on more projects.
    Jerome Cramer
    Carinity Aged Care
  • twitter-profile-pic_400x400
    Food Strategy came recommended to us as the ‘gurus’ in the food retailing build space and they have not disappointed. Puckles is an entirely new brand and required a huge commitment to detail along with the ability to change and adapt as the model progressed. When you're starting up a new business there's nothing better than having an expert partner in the fitout space and Food Strategy has been this partner for Puckles. Not only were they excellent in the shop build space but they have an exhaustive list of other suppliers that we were able to leverage for everything from interior design to furniture choice. A big thanks to Rob, Chris and the Food Strategy team!
    Steve Plarre, Owner
    Puckles Bakehouse Franchise Group
    Our health inspection passed with 4 stars this morning and I'm extremely happy and surprised with the rating - especially since 3 stars is the norm upon opening for most restaurants. I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone at Food Strategy who worked on my project and can't wait to open tomorrow... as long as I have time to cook tonight!
    Rachel Schuster
    Mrs Schu's Kitchen
  • lolas-testi-logo
    I cannot thank Food Strategy enough. Everything, from the day we planned the kitchen to the day we opened, everything’s been really good. I feel like someone was holding my hand on this new project. The kitchen is superb now. They have a lot of experience on equipment, with a few chef’s behind, so they understand what we need. It’s been very practical. The kitchen has a very good flow, the equipment’s great. Happy days.
    Alejandro Cancino, 3 Hatted Chef & Owner
    Lola's Pantry
  • conrad-gargett-architects-logo
    I would like to commend your team for prompt and accurate documentation for the International United Nations project at Africa Hall (UNECA headquarters / Ethiopia).
    It is a pleasure working with the team who are Revit proficient, action requests promptly and capture all instructions in one go.
    ‘LP’, Senior Associate
    Conrad Gargett Architects
  • ferny-grove-high-school-logo
    I would like to thank Food Strategy for your involvement with our recent school canteen designs and renovation. Your generous donation of more than $5,000 worth of design, drawing and consulting work enabled us to move forward with this project in a timely and professional manner. Your equipment and layout suggestions certainly allowed us to consider new possibilities for our menu and service. I am sure you will agree that our canteen is now a vastly improved facility and our 1,700+ students, as well as staff, are certainly reaping the benefits. Thank you once more for all of your assistance.
    Leanne Dierens, P&C President
    Ferny Grove High School

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