July 18, 2019

Do I Need New Commercial Kitchen Designs For an Existing Site?

  When opening a new food business, it’s not uncommon to take over an existing site where another food business has previously operated. Many new owners […]
May 22, 2019

4 Tips for your School Tuckshop Upgrade

Every school tuckshop plays a critical role in the health of students and their school communities. Children are considered among the most vulnerable age groups within […]
May 8, 2019
School tuckshop design

Take your School Tuckshop Design to the Next Level

At over 500 square metres, this is one of the most comprehensive education sector projects by Food Strategy. The project incorporates school tuckshop design, as well […]
April 15, 2019
food delivery services

Food Delivery Services Changing Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are evolving to suit the increasing usage of food delivery services. With delivery platforms expected to have an annual growth rate of 9.4% by […]
February 13, 2019
Cookline Equipment

Inside Food Service Design – Details to the Millimetre

Can 1 or 2 ever-so-tiny millimetres really make a difference to how smoothly your project runs? When it comes to food service design, every single detail […]
January 30, 2019
Commercial Kitchen Hot

Handling the Heat in Commercial Kitchens

As most of Australia swelters through a record-breaking heat wave, spare a thought for those who work in hot conditions, such as tradesmen working outdoors and […]
January 21, 2019
Ethical Foodservice Design

Going Green – Inside Sustainable and Ethical Foodservice Design

“Sustainable,” “ethically-sourced” “eco-friendly” – you hear these buzzwords thrown around in food business marketing as customers are now more aware and quite particular of how their […]
January 9, 2019

Does Size Matter in Commercial Kitchen Design?

Space matters in most things – including commercial kitchens. You want to have ample space for your staff to move around as they go about the […]
January 8, 2019
Tips on how to design a food safe commercial kitchen

6 Tips for Food Safety Compliant Commercial Kitchen Design

No matter what size of commercial kitchen you’re building, whether it’s for a restaurant, aged care facility or a food production plant, it pays to get […]
November 9, 2018
Guide to opening your own bakery

Guide to Opening Your Own Bakery

Nobody can resist the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, or the sight of delicious-looking cakes and pastries on the counter. Even when you’re […]