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Restaurant designs have evolved to keep up with changes in the food industry over the years. Food Strategy specialise in creating sustainable designs for high performance commercial kitchens - even in small spaces! Linked with our beautiful and engaging front-of-house interior designs, Food Strategy will bring your unique vision to life.

Harmonise your back of house and front of house to give your customers the ultimate foodie experience. Check out our foodservice designs to see how we do this.

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Food Strategy Projects

Grocery | Bakeries | Butchers

Grocery designs have many technical aspects to ensure that customers pick the freshest of foods off the shelf. Food Strategy incorporate the logistics of fresh food deliveries and the ability to store them in precisely engineered refrigeration areas to enable easy access and maximise retail exposure.

Bakery and butcher designs must meet the special operational needs of bakers and butchers. Successful bakery and butcher designs blend an excellent back of house food processing environment with a sensational front of house retail experience so that customers can easily engage and be enticed to select from your delectable quality foods on display.

Sell fresh food to your customers and store them to maintain the highest quality. Meet stringent regulations and codes while serving food in high volumes to the delight of your customers. Check out our foodservice designs to see how we do this.

Food Strategy Projects

Clubs | Entertainment Venues | Canteens

Bar designs are the show piece of any club or entertainment venue. Food Strategy integrate interiors and finishes with the operation of the bar, allowing your bartender to work efficiently with commercial bar equipment concealed beneath the counter. As a result, customers appreciate the extensive collection of drinks on display while the bartender makes use of concealed services to mix drinks in record time.

At the back of house, your commercial kitchen runs smoothly thanks to a robust design that can satisfy even the toughest executive chef. Your entertainment venue can produce gourmet meals for the masses quickly. Commercial kitchens are the backbone of any establishment. They need efficient, economic and flexible designs that can stand the test of time as trends change.

Get cost-effective and labour-saving bar and commercial kitchen designs for your club, entertainment venue or canteen. Check out our foodservice designs to learn more.

Food Strategy Projects

Aged Care | Hospitals | Food Production | Training Kitchens

Efficient food production kitchen designs are crucial to aged care facilities, hospitals and culinary schools. Aged care kitchens in particular expect high volume, restaurant quality food in the quickest possible time with the ultimate in food safety and HACCP compliance. This is important for high risk environments.

Food production kitchens need foodservice design that can cope with expected capacities, calculated growth and operational efficiency. They need world class commercial kitchen designs that incorporate the latest technology for cook-fresh and cook-chill systems as well as large scale commercial kitchen equipment. Aged care facilities, hospitals and training kitchens need labour-saving designs for waste disposal and fabrication while embracing sustainable concepts.

Get cost-effective commercial kitchen design for an occupational health and safety compliant aged care facility, hospital or training kitchen. Check out our foodservice designs to learn more.