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What do you call a place where good food and good feelings meet? In Noosa, it’s called WtF? Pizza. This restaurant is more than just a pizzeria. It’s a stage where Noosa’s local farmers are stars - showcasing fresh greens, handmade sausages and sundried tomatoes still warm upon delivery.

WtF? Pizza revolutionizes customers’ way of eating by giving them two options to enjoy their pizza: DYO and Masterpizza. DYO stands for Design You Own. You can choose your naked pizza and dress it with toppings provided by local farmers and food producers. WtF? Pizza chooses its suppliers carefully to ensure that they serve only high quality food. You can be sure the vegetables are fresh, the meat is juicy and the cheese is artisanal. If you’re not sure which ingredients complement each other, WtF? Pizza Geeks will be happy to help you choose the best toppings for a feel-good-fireworks-in-your-mouth pizza experience you’ll never forget.

If you don’t want to design your own pizza, you can simply choose from the Masterpizzas created by celebrity chef Matt Golinski. Get ready, steady and choose among 8 types of pizzas made of slow aged organic dough and Matt’s specially selected fresh local produce. 

In WtF? Pizza, you know who’s the farmer who supplied your pizza’s ingredients. The vegetables were grown organically, and the processed meat is nitrate free. You know where your meal comes from, so you can truly trust your food.

Commercial Kitchen Design

WtF? Pizza aims to give customers the freedom to explore and create their own unique pizza by combining the ingredients they want, so the first thing you’ll see when you enter the pizzeria are refrigerated display cases and a drop in hot hold induction top showcasing high quality food provided by local farmers and food producers. You can choose artisanal mozzarella or feta, roasted capsicus or sundried tomatoes, nitrate-free bacon or meat from animals that were humanely raised.

WtF? Pizza has two medium temperature coldrooms with pastry trolleys, 5-tier shelving and bow-tie dunnage racks. Slow aged dough is processed in a spiral mixer, semi-automatic bun divider rounder and dough roller. Ingredients for pizza toppings are processed in a meat slicer and a vegetable processing machine.

The kitchen staff of WtF? Pizza store prep food in an upright refrigerator and freezer. They wash their hands in stainless steel sinks to prevent food contamination, and the pizzeria’s kitchenware is washed efficiently in an undercounter dishwasher. A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are available in case of emergency.   

Pizzas are stored in a refrigerated pan holder and a side engine 2 drawer store until they are ordered by customers, in which case they are heated in conveyor ovens.

The pizzeria’s POS and docket printer were selected by the client, as well as the 40” LED TV that entertains customers digging into their DYO pizza or WtF? Pizza favorites such as Prosciutto and Fresh Medley at the dry bar.

Catering Equipment Specification

As well as design, Food Strategy supplied the commercial kitchen equipment of WtF? Pizza. Our professional foodservice designers possess extensive knowledge on various brands and types of catering equipment, so they considered the menu and specific needs of the food business when choosing the right equipment for the pizzeria’s kitchen.

Storage Equipment
Maslen medium temp coldroom with 650 access door
Custom made medium temp coldroom
Coldline refrigerated pan holder
Adande side engine 2 drawer
True single door upright freezer
True single door upright refrigerator
Cyberchill 4 door refrigerator

Prep Equipment
Paramount spiral mixer
Daub semi-automatic bun divider rounder
Mecnosud dough roller
Brema ice flaker
Mantova pastry trolley
Rheninghaus meat slicer
Anliker vegetable processing machine

Display Equipment
Cooktek drop in hot hold induction top
Festive refrigerated display cabinet
Cooking EquipmentTurbochef conveyor ovens
Washing EquipmentHobart undercounter dishwasher

Other Equipment
Metro bow-tie dunnage rack
Hatco decorative heat lamps
40-inch LED TV selected by client

Do you have a unique idea for your own pizzeria? Contact Food Strategy. Our foodservice designers will bring your vision to life.

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