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Sichuan Bang Bang & Pizzeria Violetta | Paddington

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The already-famous Brisbane havens for foodies - Sichuan Bang Bang (Kenmore) (Award winning Chinese Sichuan cuisine) and the rapidly growing Pizzeria Violetta (Kenmore & Wilston) (gourmet wood-fired pizzas) have nestled beside each other in a new project at 167 Given Terrace Paddington  - Brisbane's hipster northern inner city circle.

The design process was interesting because the brief required 2 businesses to operate from a single location yet function independently and remain branded independently.
The operations share the same bar and warewashing facilities yet there are 2 separate kitchens, 2 different cuisines and 2 teams of chefs skilled in each cuisine.
This design offered owner Renata Roberts an economical solution while maximising efficiency and output of the 2 kitchens.
You would never know that they are 2 separate restaurants and kitchens that share some common infrastructure on a compact 165 square metres internally.  

Restaurant, kitchen and bar designs & consulting, council approvals by Food Strategy.
Catering equipment supply by Food Strategy.
Catering equipment specification includes:
Eswood undercounter dishwasher, Turbo Air 3 door back bar refrigerator, Scotsman ice machine, Baron fryer, Baron neutral top with drawer, Baron char grill, Baron compact combi oven, custom made exhaust canopy, Mecnosud spiral mixer, Coldline pizza counter with drawers, Coldline refrigerated pan holder, Goldstein 2 basket fryer, Goldstein 6 burner gas bench top model, Goldstein Chinese wok floor mounted, True undercounter refrigerator, Roband Robalec rice cooker & warmer, Roband quartz heat lamp, Eswood passthrough dishwasher, Robot Coupe vegetable processor, custom made coldrooms, True solid door freezer, Panorama gelato freezer, Vivipos POS, Wega 3 group coffee machine, Bromic undercounter refrigerator, True upright 2 door refrigerator, True solid door freezer, Baron stainless steel cabinet door, Lancer undercounter ice bank chiller, Rheninghaus belt driven slicer, custom made t bar beer font. 
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