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Enjoy fresh seafood with a view of white sand and people playing in the surf. The smell of grilled barramundi and hot smoked salmon fills the spacious dining room of BMD Northcliffe Surf Club, whetting the appetite of its customers.

This foodie’s haven in Surfer’s Paradise needed a well-designed and perfectly equipped commercial kitchen to serve mouthwatering food to a steady flow of hungry diners. When Food Strategy worked on its kitchen design, we made sure the layout was conducive to an efficient workflow, and we specified catering equipment that can produce a large volume of food on demand. 

Commercial Kitchen Design

A significant portion of BMD Northcliffe Surf Club’s commercial kitchen is dedicated to cold storage. It has two coldrooms - one with low temperature and one with medium temperature. Storage space is maximised for fresh seafood and meat. Huge volumes of salmon, barramundi, prawns, scallops and oysters - as well as beef, pork, chicken and lamb - fit in this kitchen’s cold storage.

BMD Northcliffe Surf Club serves Italian and Asian cuisine. Food lovers rave about their tandoori chicken pizza and prawn and salmon pappardelle pasta. Thai lamb curry and prawn tom yum keep customers coming back for more. Cooking a wide variety of dishes is possible because this commercial kitchen is flexible. It has different types of ovens, a two-chimney burner wok, a pasta cooker and commercial rice cookers.

Two chargrills produce eye fillet steak, tandoori chicken breast and grilled fish, which are popular among diners. Burner ranges and combi steamers are the workhorses of this commercial kitchen. They cook several batches of food quickly at peak hours.

Food Strategy’s professional foodservice designers possess extensive knowledge on various brands and types of catering equipment, so they considered the menu and specific needs of the food business when choosing the right equipment for the commercial kitchen. Food Strategy’s commercial kitchen design has a smooth workflow and strictly adheres to Australia’s food safety standards.

Do you plan to open a restaurant? Contact Food Strategy for consultation and an excellent commercial kitchen design.

A meal is ready to be served to a Northcliffe Surf Club customer.

Catering Equipment Specification

Cooking Area

Custom made cookers oil
Scales selected by client
Rice cookers
Rational combi steamer
Hatco decorative heat lamp
Anvil Alto planetary mixer
Luus 2 chimney burner wok
Garland 6 open top burners - standard oven
Adande compact refrigerated and freezer drawer
Frymaster fryer
Rational combi steamer
Vivipos point of sale
Docket printer selected by client
Waldorf 8 burner range and static oven
Waldorf pasta basket
Waldorf pasta cooker
Halton stainless steel exhaust canopy
Waldorf drop on mild steel grill
Waldorf gas chargrill I 200
Waldorf gas chargrill 900
Roband conveyor toaster
Scotsman ice machine
Waldorf gas fryer 450
Halton stainless steel exhaust canopies

Prep Area

Turbochef speed cook ovens
Statewide stainless steel stand
Adande rear engine 2 drawer prep station
Waldorf gas fryer
Waldorf bain marie with hot cupboard
Moduline Renova triple warming drawers
True prep refrigerator
Bonn microwave
True pizza prep refrigerator
Turbochef speed oven
TBC stainless steel frame

Storage Area

Custom made medium temp coldroom
Custom made low temp coldroom

Washing Area

Meiko passthrough dishwasher
Meiko end dryer
Meiko outlet conveyor
Rendisk waste disposal
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