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Meridan State College | Meridan Plains

Jumpstart your career in the hospitality industry through Meridan State College. This Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is committed to providing vocational education and training to students who are eager to join the workforce with industry recognised qualifications. 

Meridan State College offer certificates in Hospitality and Kitchen Operations. These courses develop basic hospitality skills and knowledge in students to prepare them for work in various hospitality settings such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and catering operations.

In partnership with East Coast TAFE, the college’s chefs provide training in food preparation, cookery skills, food presentation, workplace calculations and food safety. Meridan State College’s Kitchen Operations course includes 12 back of house service periods.

Training Kitchen Design

Meridan State College’s training kitchen incorporates efficient foodservice design in a space carefully planned to facilitate learning. The chef’s area at the head of the training kitchen is equipped with essential commercial cooking equipment such as induction cooktops, convection ovens, a combi steamer and a high-tech variocooking centre.

Students work in rows of stainless steel benches with fabricated sinks and splashbacks. These corrosion resistant benches are equipped with induction cooktops and convection ovens. Cold storage equipment and passthrough dishwashers have been installed on both sides of the training kitchen. Students don’t just learn how to cook – they also learn about hygienic practices in a commercial kitchen.

One of the best features of Meridan State College’s training kitchen is its GIF ventilated ceiling. This modular ceiling system removes 95% of airborne grease and pollutants over a wide area. It efficiently controls humidity in the training kitchen and improves temperature, reduces noise and is economical for electricity consumption. As a result, chefs and students work in a comfortable environment while the college saves operation and maintenance costs.

Coldrooms and dry storage are located at the back of Meridan State College’s training kitchen. It was specially designed to simulate a professional kitchen’s workflow. You’ll get a good grip on how the back of house operates from food storage to prep work to washing and waste disposal. There’s more to hospitality than cooking!
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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Specification

Cold Storage Equipment
  • Everlasting blast chiller freezer
  • True upright 3 door refrigerators
  • True upright 2 door freezer

Cooking Equipment
  • Anvil Alto induction cooktops
  • Frima variocooking centre
  • Rational combi steamer
  • Smeg convection ovens

Prep Equipment

  • Orved vacuum sealer
  • Simply Stainless stainless steel drawers

Washing Equipment

  • Hobart passthrough dishwashers

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