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Miettes Boulangerie Patisserie | Corinda

What’s for breakfast? Warm, freshly baked bread from Miettes Boulangerie Patisserie. Enjoy soft, sweet cornbread and delicious, flaky croissants made with care every morning in this well-loved bakery in Corinda - Brisbane. 

Miettes bread is so good, the bakery supplies various types of sourdough and Turkish bread to other restaurants in the neighborhood. Customers endure long queues to get their everyday favourites: walnut bread, ciabatta, baguette and batard. If you visit the bakery on weekends, you’re in for special treats. Miettes’ haloumi and mint sourdough are amazingly flavourful, while the sundried tomato and basil sourdough is fragrant and delicious. Aside from the bakery’s famous artisanal bread, Miettes also serve cake, yogurt and fresh salads to their loyal customers.

Miettes Interior Design

The interior design for this site needed to be of similar flare to their original store in Graceville. A custom made concrete counter with brass highlights and feature pendants overhead are what you first notice walking into the Miettes store. These items highlight the coffee making station and the Festive display units with all the baked goods. Feature bread shelves behind the counter are matte black with contrasting brick wallpaper behind - these colours allow the bread to be easily spotted and recognised. Miettes interior design has a unique, homey feel which, teamed with the smells coming from the back of house, makes every customer feel at ease.

Bakery Commercial Kitchen Design

Preparing and baking bread takes a lot of time and effort. Food Strategy designed the commercial kitchen of Miettes so that bakers can do their tasks quickly and easily. The prepping area is right next to the storage area, so bakers can mix, proof and divide dough right after getting ingredients. 

The bakery’s large deck oven has a bread loader to increase efficiency, and there are other types of ovens and refrigerators for baking, storing and heating food. Baked goods are transferred to display cases while they are still hot, fragrant and fresh. 

Miettes has two counters - one for baked products and another for drinks. Busy customers who need a quick cup of coffee can get their dose of caffeine quickly and delicious panini to go.

Are you starting your own bakery? Contact Food Strategy for consultation and excellent commercial kitchen design.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment 

Cold and Heated Storage Equipment
  • Maslen low temperature coldroom with 900 access door
  • Bromic undercounter freezer
  • Custom made medium temperature coldrooms
  • Barista refrigerated milk drawer
  • Festive heated display cabinet
  • Festive ambient display cabinet
  • Williams upright refrigerator
  • Festive refrigerated display cabinet
  • Custom bow-tie dunnage racks

Prep Equipment
  • IBE bread slicer
  • Hamilton Beach blender
  • Bongard - Omega 2 bread loader
  • Bongard dough sheeter
  • Bongard water meter and mixer
  • Paramount bun divider rounder
  • Robot Coupe planetary mixer 25 litre
  • Miracle moulder
  • Merand dough divider
  • Sottoriva spiral mixer
  • Paramount retarder prover

Cooking Equipment
  • Menumaster microwave
  • Anvil Axis single panini press
  • Woodson toaster griller
  • Bongard - Omega 2 electric deck oven
  • BPE 1.10 combi oven
  • Baxter rotating single rack oven
  • Anvil Alto induction cooktop

Washing Equipment
  • Bombora milk jug rinser
  • Smeg undercounter dishwasher

Other Equipment
  • Bongard water cooler with continuous flow
  • Point of sale selected by client
  • Docket printer selected by client
  • La Marzocco 2 group coffee machine
  • Campos coffee grinder
  • Custom made stainless steel exhaust canopy
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