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Knife Sharpening Tips in the office

May 8, 2013

Knife sharpening lessons in the office. No back stabbing allowed!. Another team training initiative by Food Strategy. The foodservice design team at are more than specialist designers. They have in-depth training in many facets of the food industry from sharpening knives to heating the pans with chefs. This video includes full instructions at the end on how to use a steel to sharpen your knives. LOCAL PEOPLE | GLOBAL VISION

Once you have had an edge put on your knives it is now very important to maintain that edge and keep it better than new, so this is where a sharpening steel come into play.Contrary to popular belief, a sharpening steel does not sharpen a knife. The purpose of a steel is to hone the edge of the knife. Through regular use, the edge of a knife will begin to lose its original sharpness, by creating a fine burr, which is when the knifes edge rolls over and becomes dull. The sharpening steel will straighten the edge and remove this burr. Eventually though, the steel will only do this so many times and your knife will become blunt and need to be sharpened again by A Wicked Edge Sharpening.
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