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August 13, 2012

LEGO - the iconic toy system that changed the world. It's where the notion of a project is taught to infants. A child has an idea that forms as a concept.  He thinks about the design and begins to construct. He rationalises the secrets of a good project while testing the boundaries of strength and creativity. Is it pleasing to his eye? Does it function smoothly during play? Can it endure robust play? Can he build his creation before play time is over? Will a friend understand the concept?
By playing with LEGO, a child is learning the fundamentals of project management constraints: Risk - Time - Finance - Resources - Quality - Communication - Procurement.  By changing just one constraint, the others will alter. It's a fine balancing act.
Food Strategy's key consultants are qualified in project management to ensure your project is delivered within your constraints.
LEGO is 80 this year. They have released a 17 minute video of their company's story in a Whimsical animated format. Watch this with your children. It's brilliant. Happy birthday LEGO.

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