13 Reasons To Book A Restaurant For Christmas
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13 Reasons To Book A Restaurant For Christmas

December 12, 2017

13 Reasons To Book A Restaurant For Christmas
Christmas is a tradition. How that tradition looks for each family is as varied as a Chinese menu. What we do have in common is the demands on our time and busy lifestyles. Will you cook a feast at home or let culinary experts do it for you? Here’s a comparison to help you decide

Where Will You Have Your Aussie Christmas?
A Home Christmas... A Restaurant Christmas...
Is hot and sweaty Has air-con and clean comfy surrounds
Takes lots of planning and time Allows the experts to do it all for you
Is overwhelming with workload Means you chill out while being waited on
Is an anti-climax after the pressies are ripped open Keeps the vibe going all day
Feast doesn’t fit in the fridge Has an abundance of fresh food and ice cold bevvies at your fingertips
Is a logistics nightmare Means they do it all for you so not your problem
Loads the costs to just a few Helps you to split the costs fairly with everyone
Creates cleaning hassles Has dish pigs!
Allows some folks to sit with their faces in technology all day Is a face-to-face conversation zone - especially if you have table manners
Brings out the family food critics and wannabe Master Chefs Has professionals doing the cooking
Aggravates grumpy family members Means grumpies are more inclined to behave in public
Encourages Uncle Joe to unbuckle his pants over his expanding belly as he snores in the corner Means he’s unlikely to do the same in a restaurant
Brings love, hugs and memories Will add another dimension to ignite relaxed conversation and joy

There’s no doubt that having Christmas dinner at a restaurant is more convenient. It’s the perfect solution for full-time workers who don’t need to plan. Moreover, when you book a restaurant for Christmas, you support a local business and give someone a job with higher rates - a fantastic gift to hospitality employees!

So sit back, relax, enjoy your loved ones and let restaurants bring your family together. After the goodbyes, kisses and hugs, there’s no mess for you to clean up and no food left over - we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, though.

You better start booking soon. Big restaurants in hotels and casinos are usually open for Christmas. Use Google or Yelp to find a list of good, reputable restaurants for your Christmas feast. Better yet, check out the amazing restaurants we have worked with and pick your favourite!

Listen to the radio interview of Food Strategy’s Christine Green to learn more about the advantages of booking a restaurant for Christmas - and what other people think of it.

FS Why Have Christmas Dinner in a Restaurant

Download our Christmas message to share with your friends - encourage everyone to book a restaurant for Christmas.

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