3 Easy Steps to Your Restaurant’s Google Indoor Street View
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3 Easy Steps to Your Restaurant’s Google Indoor Street View

April 18, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Your Restaurant’s Google Indoor Street View

Go from visual to virtual with Google Indoor Street View - innovative technology that’s redefining restaurant marketing by providing online virtual tours to potential customers. Google Indoor Street View gives viewers a taste of the dining experience you have to offer, so showcase your beautifully designed premises to catch their interest. Give them a reason to make their virtual tour a reality. Customers don’t just want good food - they want a pleasurable dining experience. You can get Google Indoor Street View for your restaurant in 3 easy steps.

  1. Hire a Google Trusted Photographer.

    You can find Trusted photographers in your area by visiting Google’s Indoor Street View website. Filter the search results by country, region and city, and Google will give you a list of professional photographers and agencies certified to conduct Indoor Street View photo shoots.

    These trained professionals abide by Google’s standards for image quality, connectivity and appropriateness. Your restaurant’s virtual tour will have high definition and sharp focus - making the experience visually rich and immersive. Various areas of your restaurant will be turned into 360° photo spheres connected to each other, making the virtual tour more engaging. Google Trusted photographers blur the faces of people inside your restaurant to protect their privacy.

  2. Schedule an indoor photo shoot.

    Choose a time when there are few customers in your restaurant for your Google Indoor Street View photo shoot. Once the photographer has arrived, you can start talking about areas in your restaurant that you want emphasized or excluded from the virtual tour.

    Trusted photographers use certain cameras and lenses approved by Google to take 180° by 360° panoramas of premises. They do 90° rotations of their camera on a tripod to take a series of images that can be used to create a photo sphere. A Google Indoor Street View photo shoot usually lasts for 2 hours, more or less, depending on the size your restaurant.

  3. Get your Google Indoor Street View in 2 weeks or less.

    Post-processing photos takes a lot of time. After the photo shoot, the Trusted photographer stitches your restaurant’s photos together. Because the images have overlaps, there is no perspective shift between them, and the photographer can create smooth and detailed panoramas.

    Special software blends the images together to create photo spheres. In a photo sphere, you can look in any direction and feel like you are actually standing inside the restaurant. When these photo spheres are linked to each other, you can “walk” around the premises. Photographers often ask their clients to wait for two weeks, but virtual tours can be finished faster, depending on the size of your restaurant. Once your Indoor Street View is complete, the Trusted photographer will upload it to Google.

    Your Indoor Street View will be added to your restaurant’s Google My Business listing, and it will be visible in Google Maps, Google Plus Local and Google Search. Visitors can take a virtual tour of your restaurant by clicking “See inside.”

Bonus: Embed your Google Indoor Street View in your website and Facebook Business Page.

Google Indoor Streeet View allows visitors to virtually walk around a restaurant and explore it.

Get the most out of your virtual tour by embedding it in your website and Facebook Business Page. While viewing your restaurant’s Google Indoor Street View, you will see a black box in the top left corner that contains your restaurant’s name. Click the three dots icon beside it and choose “Share or embed image.” In the menu that pops up, choose “Embed image.” Copy the code snippet that shows up and embed it into the html code of your website.

To embed Google Indoor Street View in your restaurant’s Facebook Business Page, you’ll need to download and install the Woobox App first. Authorize Woobox on your Facebook Business Page, then copy and paste the embed code. Save your settings, and you’re done!

Google Indoor Street View is so easy to get and so profitable to have. Don’t get left behind by other restaurant owners. Enjoy the benefits of Google Indoor Street View. You won’t just attract more customers to your restaurant. You’ll get customers who have already chosen your restaurant for their dining experience.

Contact Food Strategy for beautiful and efficient restaurant design - it will look great on Google Indoor Street View.

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