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Aged Care & The Wok

November 17, 2016

Aged Care & The Wok
It takes up to 16 million meals per day to feed Australia’s senior population - and it’s growing.

There are nearly 4 million Australians aged over 65. Every year the Australian “over 65” population grows by over 250,000 people. Over 10% of those live in cared or non-private accommodation. Each person needs 3 to 5 meals per day. That’s potentially 16 million meals per day.

As the next generation moves up, there’s a distinct shift in dietary demands. The kitchens and menus no longer serve meat and three veg. A generation of sophisticated palates and diverse nationalities now crave the flavours of their homeland cultures or memorable meals from a lifetime of diverse eating. The Baby Boomers are on the cusp of major change in the feeding of the elderly.

Food Strategy is consulting to and designing commercial kitchens for the aged care sector that outshine the swankiest restaurants with massive kitchen budgets up to $1 million.

Kitchens using the latest technology can produce high volume gourmet food for Asian, Italian, Greek, German, Indian and any other cuisine that whets your appetite. 

Stir fry with an authentic wok taste - no problem. Korma curry and naan - in a jiffy. Greek Moussaka - coming right up!

Food Strategy designs flexible commercial kitchens with high performance equipment. Chefs can run their kitchens confidently, knowing their catering equipment is reliable.

We supply easy-to-clean equipment, multifunctional fryers and combi ovens that are robust to get the job done. Do you need food processors? We’ve got the perfect model for you. Dirty dishes will sparkle in a few minutes after going through a rack conveyor warewasher. 

Aged care is about to explode into big business and food is at the forefront to meet demand. Food Strategy can transform your kitchen (new or old) to bring you to the top of this profitable wave.
Lick your lips Generation X - retirement living is looking very tasty indeed.

Bon appetit!
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