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FOOD SAFETY MADE EASY part #3 The Templates

February 8, 2016

FOOD SAFETY MADE EASY part #3 The Templates
Welcome to part 3 of our series FOOD SAFETY MADE EASY.
By now you have read your food safety manual and cast a critical eye over your operations while using our handy checklist and ratings chart. 

Now it's time to put some handy tools in place. 

Download and print these handy templates. Pop them into a sturdy binder in your kitchen. They will be handy for all staff to sign and keep up to date. Some chefs choose to laminate the pages and fix them to the cold room door in ready view. 

Included in this handy download are templates for:
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning program
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Waste collection register
  • Waste cleaning register
  • Staff training records
  • Product receivable
  • Product temperature record
  • Hot holding temperature record
  • Transportation temperature record
Now that you have completed our 3 part series on making your business food safe, you can welcome your customers with confidence.  Some of you may have achieved the 5 Star rating for your food compliance certificate.

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Food Strategy believes in people having the freedom to eat safe food - anywhere, anytime. 
We believe in education as a means to create a country of trusted and safe food venues.
Food Strategy has obtained these trusted resources to support and educate you on the high quality of food safety standards and assist you with compliance of the Food Standards Code developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand .  These standards are upheld by the many local authorities (councils) around Australia. Please use the above resources to educate your team and enable your food business to achieve the highest standards possible. The above food safety guides and checklists are graciously authored and supplied by Brisbane City Council.

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