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FOOD SAFETY MADE EASY part #1 - The Manual

February 8, 2016

FOOD SAFETY MADE EASY part #1 - The Manual
Food Safety for a food business is easy. Anyone can do it. Yet there are many commercial kitchens that still don't comply with council codes. 
Follow our 3 part series to FOOD SAFETY MADE EASY. 
We will give you lessons on food safety with free downloadable tools and templates that you can use in your business from the day you open.

Food Strategy are experts at restaurant and kitchen design. We make sure your catering equipment and work flows will get you the maximum rating when you open for business. 
However there is so much more to be a health compliant and licenced food business.

Already have a kitchen that's open for business? That's ok too. It's never too late to start. 
Food Strategy has based this information on the health compliance codes of Brisbane City Council. 
Don't worry if you are located in another council - all Australian councils base their regulations on the governing food code by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. This is why you can safely eat your way around our wonderful country.

Click here for your free 41 page manual. With easy to read topics covering licencing, receiving food, storage, processing, food display, transportation, hand washing, cleaning, pest control and disposal.

You'll be a 5 star performer in no time!
Follow us on Facebook for the upcoming release of parts 2 and 3 to complete your templates.

Food Strategy believes in people having the freedom to eat safe food - anywhere, anytime.
We believe in education as a means to create a country of trusted and safe food venues.
Food Strategy has obtained these trusted resources to support and educate you on the high quality of food safety standards and assist you with compliance of the Food Standards Code developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand .  These standards are upheld by the many local authorities (councils) around Australia. Please use the above resources to educate your team and enable your food business to achieve the highest standards possible. The above food safety guides and checklists are graciously authored and supplied by Brisbane City Council.  

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