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August 2, 2015

We've all seen the abundance of TVcooking programs. The stations are battling for a ratings grab to generate income. As Australians embrace lifestyle television as a way of life, Food Strategy has noticed a shift in the food industry.
Owning a restaurant is no longer the domain of a trade qualified chef and his professional team. Anyone can have a passion for food, a handful of Nona's recipes and be fueled by a vision of owning their own business.
A start-up food establishment is now cheaper than it's ever been.
Leasing in a building with high rent isn't the only way to cook and sell food anymore. Markets, pop ups and shipping containers are all in the mix for housing a fast paced food outlet.

The stakes are high and there's tantrum and tears among the contestants. It doesn't end in the kitchen. As recently reported by Pedestrian TV, Channel 7 is taking Channel 9 to court citing that 9's The Hotplate is a copyright infringement of past program My Kitchen Rules.

The top commercial cooking programs airing at the moment:
  • Channel 7: Restaurant Revolution
  • Channel 9: The Hotplate
  • Channel 10: MasterChef
  • Channel SBS: How To Cook Like Heston. Plus many other choices.
The catering equipment importers and distributors have had their brands strategically placed into the TV kitchens. Some brands jostle shamelessly for the chance to supply their gear for free. It's a marketing paradise for our industry.

So what does it all mean?
It means growth and strength in the businesses that support the food industry. Television is shining a light on the passion, guts and glory of chefs and the food industry. It's attracting new foodies to the restaurant scene, challenging them to be adventurous and to eat out more. 

As the Australian population and television cooking programs mushroom, we can expect continuing exponential growth of the food industry in many sectors. Bring on more cooking shows to whet our appetite I say!

Be warned - regardless of your visionary dreams; if you get your project wrong at the planning and design stage, the tantrum and tears will be overwhelming by the time you fire up your first pan.

Which show is my guilty favourite?
It's Restaurant Revolution because it's fast paced and I enjoy the overarching business advice that helps the restaurants become successful. The contestants are being taught entrepreneurship and leadership - not just how to cook. 

Good luck!

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