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How To Feed A Farmer #LoveToTheWest

April 12, 2014

How To Feed A Farmer #LoveToTheWest
You need a farmer 3 times per day to be fed. But right now the drought stricken farmers need you. 
A couple of years ago, Daniel Crismani created a wave of compassion from the people. During the Queensland floods she put a call out on Twitter to ask for volunteers to bake goods for the volunteer 'mud army' who were helping clean up the state. The response grew to massive proportions distributing thousands of baked goods -  Baked Relief was born. 

The weather pendulum has now swung the other way so Baked Relief has also swung into action to deliver 'baked kindness' to Queensland's drought stricken farmers.
Using a smart phone and a now dedicated band of what Danielle calls her "girl mafia" volunteer bakers have thus far donated over 2 tonnes (9000 Anzac biscuits and 450 fruit cakes) to remote farmers facing desperate times.

As if on cue, Danielle has launched another Baked Relief campaign for the farmers while saluting our ANZAC Day diggers who also looked forward to their care packages from home of fruit cake and ANZAC biscuits during World War I and II. 

Danielle has co-ordinated local homes and businesses as drop off and sorting points and brought together freight companies, postal runs and schools to distribute the yummy care packages.
Anzac biscuits and fruit cakes are the preferred baked items due to their keeping and transport properties. Every pack has a card attached with a message of hope and caring. The containers vary from colourful cake tins to new plastic food containers decorated with ribbons. Each one carefully scrutinised by Danielle for quality and to ensure only the most heart felt messages are conveyed. Messages like: "Baked by my family for yours", "Through all your hardships, drought and pain, please know for you we're praying for rain, your Aussie spirit keeps shining through, so here's Baked Relief and love to you", "Thank you for being a farmer".

The Baked Relief concept has spread across Australia and been reported widely in the media: ABC News, ABC Landline, Channel 9 and 7, multiple radio stations and shared massively via social media. Danielle has met politicians, farmers, business leaders and soon to be meeting royalty. She's presented her message of hope to schools, community groups and recently addressed the influential media and public relations group The Rural Press Club.
Pic Danielle Chrismani and Food Strategy's Chris Green at the Rural Press Club function and Danielle preparing for the address in front of influential press.

Baked Relief Danielle Crismani Chris Green  

Food Strategy has been supporting Baked Relief behind the scenes and will continue to do so for their upcoming campaign. Please watch our Facebook page or Baked Relief for more updates. Food Strategy offices are a drop off and sorting point for baking. If you wish to help please read the baking and packaging instructions on the Baked Relief web site to ensure your kindness is delivered safely.

Extract from
"...Baked Relief is encouraging people to bake Anzac biscuits forAnzac Day and include a personal note to a farming family. For Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Anzacs and fruit cakes can be dropped off to selected locations on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th April 2014. These will be distributed to the farming community via the Queensland Rural, Regional & Remote Women’s Network (QRRRWN).In other regions around Queensland Baked Relief is looking to recruit volunteers to manage Baked Relief branches that respond to local needs. For more information on how you can get involved, visit Baked Relief on Facebook, or and join the conversation on twitter via#lovetothewest #bakedrelief."

Now sit back, grab a cuppa and an ANZAC biscuit and enjoy the ABC Landline tv program about our battling farmers, Daniel Crismani and Baked Relief. It will bring a tear to your eye.  #LoveToTheWest #BakedRelief.  Watch here

Baked Relief at Food Strategy Baked Relief smoko pack 

Baked Relief at Food Strategy
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