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March 30, 2014

Fine Food is coming to Queensland from 13th to 15th April.  Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

Food Strategy will be joining celebrity chefs and food industry experts at a variety of workshops at the Fine Food Business Seminars.  Food Strategy will be presenting practical kitchen solutions - a workshop of ideas and a peek behind the scenes to see how we pull it all together in 3D!.

Bringing your vision to life, this ideas workshop with show you in real time how planning a kitchen is the most important thing you do when creating your next venture, or changing what you have. This session will show what is practical, what is possible and we will also share with you, what is on trend for today’s tiny spaces or expansive kitchens plus the creative to make it all come together. The design process will take place in front of your eyes and is live to screen. Bring your plans for some great tips.

The Business Sessions will look at many hot topics, current and future trends and also navigating the path through a myriad of topical discussions within the wider industry.
  • Practical Solutions for Kitchen Design – an ideas workshop with Food Strategy is SUNDAY 13TH APRIL 3:30PM
More seminars listed below.
Just some of the speakers include: 
  • FOOD STRATEGY - foodservice design and project solutions.
  • PHILIP JOHNSON -  e'cco Bistro, The Courier Mail, Brisbane News, Author
  • KIRSTEN TIBBALLS - "queen of chocolate". Masterchef, World Pastry Championchips & Olympics. Chocolate master. 
  • ALASTAIR MCLEOD - Celebrity & international chef, Brisbane News, Channel 7 Queensland Weekender, Network 10 Ready Steady Cook. ABC Radio. Al'FreshCo.
  • MATT KIRKEGAARD - Craft beer and more beer. Consultant to bars & restaurants.
  • MATT MCALLISTER - Baker, teacher, artisan expert.
  • DR MATTHEW HYND - Tea Sommelier, Slurp
  • MAL GILL - Owner Lady Marmalade, Shady Palms, Sandwich King, My Kitchen Rules
  • GRAEME MCCORMACK - Food and beverage franchise consultant. 
  • JEROME DALTON - Director Dalton Hospitality
  • BEN O'DONOGHUE - Billy Kart Kitchen, celebrity chef.
  • PETER McMAHON - Stokehouse Brisbane
(full list of speakers, photos and bios here)

The Business Sessions will look at hot topics, current and future trends and also navigating the path through a myriad of topical discussions within the wider industry. Each session will run for 45 minutes and will include time for questions & answers.

Sunday 13 April 2014

10.30am – 11.15am

Successful Business Solutions & Compliance; Industrial Relations: Avoiding Penalties through Compliance with the Fair Work Laws 
Noel Teskey, Workplace Relations Consultant, Restaurant & Catering Industry Association

11.30am – 12.15pm

Sustainable Food & Business Solutions
Alejandro Cancino, Chef Proprietor, Urbane Restaurant

The desire to be sustainable is one that can be achieved with good planning, great advice and a complete solution from farm to plate. Today, our impact on earth is made by the various economic decisions that we make on a daily basis. To be sustainable involves some key decisions so that we reduce our impact and look at a closed loop solution. We can make savings on our power and other costs to our businesses, by using various forms of green technology and other creative applications. The panel will delve deeper to see what is at the bottom of the problem, to find sustainable and achievable goals for your business and to provide ideas for you to make a big step in the right direction and an understanding of the cost implications and savings for your business.

12.30pm – 1.15pm

Catering Trends & Special Diets – have we become too picky!
Jerome Dalton, Director, Dalton Hospitality
Justin Zammit, Executive Chef, Epicure - Brisbane Town Hall

Life can be a challenge for Chefs and none more so than the surge in special requests, allergies and many other special requests for events, meetings and weddings. From the Chef’s perspective and those working as venue operators, institutional chefs, outside catering, cafes and restaurants, we will share an in-depth discussion on the rise of this particular trend and how best to handle these situations. We also look at emerging trends for 2014 that are impacting on all areas of catering. An interactive session and one not to be missed.

1.30pm – 2.15pm

Eat Local, Source Local, Dollars Local
Alastair McLeod, Owner, Al’FreshCo
Alison Alexander, Food Consultant & inaugural QLD Food Fellow
Fiona Donnelly, Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide editor for QLD & QLD correspondent; Courier-Mail's Kitchen Confidential columnist
Martin Duncan, Chef &Owner, Freestyle Tout & Freestyle Escape
Damian Griffiths, Owner, Limes Hotel, Alfred &Constance, Alfredo's, Chester Street Kitchen

A session that proposes the advocacy of locally sourced produce and its effect on the bottom line

  • Is it fanciful that, with shrinking margins, the chef/restaurateur can populate their menu with local produce?
  • How can it be with margins shrinking, the use of local produce is burgeoning?
  • Do all restaurateurs tell the truth with provenance?
  • Can customers tell the difference?
  • Why is local produce better?
  • Should we use local over ‘better’ produce?
  • How do you educate operators?
  • What’s the state of the union with the supply chain of local produce?
  • Future… how local can you go?

2.30pm – 3.15pm

Social Media - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - How to handle it all and where to start with these multiple platforms.
Tim Stitt, Social Media Monitors
Mindy Wood, Past Master Chef Contestant and Blogger

We will discuss how to start out in social media, what you need to know and how to handle it all, 24/7. Our panellists will share insights as to how to connect to a food blogger or an online source and ensure the integrity of your product, café, restaurants. With so many platforms available, which is the right one for you? With our industry experts, we will also discuss the latest trends in social media and what to look for in 2014. This business panel will provide you with the key points to take the next step forward.

3.30pm – 4.15pm

Creative & Practical Solutions for Kitchen Design
Robert Green, Director, Food Strategy
Christine Green, General Manager, Food Strategy
Luke Page, Kitchen Designer, Food Strategy
Sally Portage, Interior Designer, Food Strategy

Bringing your vision to life, this ideas workshop with show you in real time how planning a kitchen is the most important thing you do when creating your next venture, or changing what you have. This session will show what is practical, what is possible and we will also share with you, what is on trend for today’s tiny spaces or expansive kitchens plus the creative to make it all come together. The design process will take place in front of your eyes and is live to screen. Bring your plans for some great tips.

Monday 14 April 2014

10.30am – 11.15am

Lunchtime Trends in New York and UK
Graeme McCormack, Director, Australasian Sandwich Association

Presented by Australasian Sandwich Association Director Graeme McCormack, this presentation is based on the 2012 International Sandwich Safari. Run by the Sandwich Association and hosted by UK’s leading food-to-go innovator Tom Allen the International Sandwich Safari took travellers to learn about the world’s most innovative and commercially developed lunch/ food-to-go markets, New York City and London. Discover trends around product development and innovation, product merchandising, cuisine and flavour from leading establishments such as Marks & Spencer, Pret–a–Manger, Eat, Wholefoods, Eataly and Wichcraft!

11.15am – 12.30pm

New Product Development & Costings
Graeme McCormack, Director, Australasian Sandwich Association 
Mal Gill, Lady Marmalade & Shady Palms Café

Notwithstanding the critical importance of New Produce Development (NPD) and product costings to the growth and success of any café and/or food-to-go business, these key elements are often two of the most misunderstood and under-utilised processes available to café owners and general food-to-go retailers to grow their business. This 30 minute seminar will enable attendees to learn tips from industry leader Mal Gill from Lady Marmalade & Shady Palms Cafes in Brisbane, on not only the importance of these two factors, but how they can be easily implemented into their business. Mal was the 2013 Great Australian Sandwichship Champion, and is a clear market leader.

12.30pm – 1.15pm

The Apprentice, the Cook, the Chef and the Executive Chef
Philip Johnson, Executive Chef, e’cco
Richard Ousby, Chef, Stokehouse Brisbane
Ryan Grant, Award winning apprentice

This session looks at the skills set of our kitchen team, their training and the dedication to being the best. We are joined by some culinary luminaries with an award winning secondary school apprentice representing Australia and Brisbane’s leading chefs, as they discuss the daily grind, the pitfalls, the highs of winning and all that we would love to know from behind the scenes.

1.30pm – 2.15pm

How Sexy is Your Café?
Giorgina Venzin, Café Owner, PawPaw/Little PawPaw
Sel Berdie, BSKT Café
Malcolm Watts, Moose & Gibson / Leaf

A look inside the café scene, discussing trends, what’s hot and what’s not. With the need to impress even more now and with an abundance of Cafés, entrepreneurs are creating special spaces, quirky fit outs and introducing a new style to create regular foot traffic. In this session, together with our enthusiastic presenters, we will share everything you need to know to make your café SEXY. We will discuss everything from food, menus, uniforms (or lack of), tattoos, branding, marketing and we will also include a look at behind the scenes. How do the successful operators make it all look so easy!

2.30pm – 3.15pm

The Door is Open: Are you Ready for Business?
Philip Johnson, Executive Chef, e’cco
Peter McMahon, General Manager, Stokehouse Brisbane
Ben O’Donoghue, BillyKart Kitchen
Mark Murphy, Infruit, Brisbane Produce Market

Places open and close and many do not realise that it takes a lot more to open the door, than just putting the sign on the door! Our panellists ‘have been there and done that’. Some say it is all about location, location, location! We consider what you really need to plan for when considering a new business and look at all the things you forgot to consider. Our industry panellists have had success and some have failed, however, the desire to rise again and succeed is a challenge every day for these entrepreneurs. What do you need to do to plan for a successful venture, one that is consistent, fun and vibrant, with bums on seats and of course, successful for the long haul. With our industry experts, we will also discuss the trends that will make an impact in 2014.

3.30pm – 4.15pm

Successful Business Solutions & Compliance; Returning Profitability to Restaurant and Catering businesses
John Hart, CEO, Restaurant & Catering Industry Association

Tuesday 15 April 2014

10.30am – 11.15am

Pubs & Clubs
Nick Owens, The Surf Club, Burleigh Heads

An in-depth look at the newest culinary trends & concepts for this ever-changing market, where knowing your market means so much more to the bottom line.

11.30am – 12.15pm

Chop, Chop, Bang, Bang - The Asian Reinvention!
Brett Nolan, Owner, Chop Chop Chang’s
Bianca Dynan, The Brunswick Social 
Giorgina Venzin, Mons Sans Ban & Green Papaya

With the surge of new openings and new trends in this vibrant city, entrepreneurs need to be more creative, super stylish and offer something unique for the diner to frequent their businesses. The Asian reinvention has done a 360 degree turn, with new places opening and becoming super cool overnight and sharing their uniqueness with good service, stylish presentation, affordability and of course, bums on seats and jobs for the industry. Our panellists include some leading lights who are showing how Asian inspired establishments can be successful with a new look and a new offer.

12.30pm – 1.15pm

The Spanish Inquisition
Javier Codina, Chef & Owner, Moda

With warm nights, Queensland locals love tapas style dishes and bar food, Spanish dishes with great local produce together with the spices and succulence of this region. The strong influences will set to continue as more new places open. We look to the Spanish trend sweeping the state.

1.30pm – 2.15pm

Dining with Dignity - The Challenges and Trends in Aged Care
Liam O’Toole, Foodservice Manager, Mater Hospital
Cherie Hugo, My Nutrition Clinic

The challenges and trends in the Aged and Health care areas. The panel will look at new and innovative ways for food delivery and how food can be made to be more accessible to this special group of people. We also discuss the newest trends for hospital food and how this is being turned around in a dramatic way and providing a refreshing offer and one that meets the needs of the patients. Can the elderly still be involved with growing their food – we discuss a new project that embraces the future of food and the experience.

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