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Shipping container kitchens make a splash

October 24, 2013

Shipping container kitchens make a splash
Shipping containers are a vital commodity in the world of logistics. They travel all over the globe to safely deliver everything from food to cars. But what happens to shipping containers after they've reached their use by date?
They are being transformed into sturdy construction solutions for homes and businesses. 
The booming mining industry has long known the benefits of using shipping containers for accommodation and camp kitchens. A robust and portable structure with predicable dimensions.
This year Food Strategy has designed commercial kitchens in shipping containers. Some with a permanent purpose and others with a short term concept in mind. 
Regardless of the time frame, they are cheap and easy to fitout.  The trick is to know which catering equipment can produce the largest amount of food, capture the integrity of a laser focused menu choice, draw minimal power and deliver with a minuscule footprint.  Consideration is not just given to the operational day time operations of the kitchen - shipping containers are usually closed up at night with very little ventilation. This puts a tremendous heat load on the refrigeration and motorised equipment within the container.  Designs need to incorporate adequate ventilation that doesn't weaken the integrity of the design.

There is a misconception that a shipping container is simply a pop up event-style restaurant which has little or no health department licensing restraints. Depending on your circumstances you will still need to submit a plan approval application and apply for a food handling licence to sell food in a shipping container.   Whether it be a temporary food licence or regular licence to operate, you will need to contact your local council to check  as they are the regulator of these kitchens. Or contact Food Strategy and we can apply to council for you via our usual channels.

Brisbane is about to embrace the shipping container revolution on a large scale.  Northshore Containerval Festival is launching 2-17 November. Containerval Festival coffee
Set on the banks of the Brisbane River at Northshore Hamilton, Containerval will transform shipping containers into a vibrant, mix of pop-up retail shops, performance spaces and artist studios. The festival will be open Fridays – Sundays, with the exception of the third and final weekend when it will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday to incorporate Brisbane International Film Festival’s open-air cinema extravaganza.

Read more about the longer term use of the shipping containers in street markets here and a Brisbane cafe that has moved into a shipping container permanently click
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