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Vegetarians are changing kitchens

April 28, 2012

Vegetarians are changing kitchens
Vegans & Vegetarians are saving the planet. The amount of harm meat is doing to the earth compared to grains & veges is staggering. In hospitals & agedCare kitchens around the world, meat quantities in dishes have been cut by up to 80% and replaced by soy and other proteins.
Not only has this menu change cut the carbon footprint, but drastically reduced the food production costs of the kitchens.
If Asia's trend continues to follow the western world to eat more meat, the globe is going to feel it. Westerners need to respectfully study the traditional asian diet and those of vegans & vegetarians to 'save the planet.
Foodies, Chefs & Vegetarians can save the planet.
(Information from international keynote speakers at @FCSI_global training and seminar conferences (Singapore) attended by April 2012)
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