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Information for Architects & BuildersArchitecture is the key body of knowledge for building and major structural design.  Architects use their professional visionary skills to create a master plan incorporating varied principles of design to achieve projects with overall functional and aesthetic purpose.

Builders take responsibility for the construction and deliverables of a successful project.  They bring ideas to life.  However; to interpret the vision they need a reliable road map of detailed information to deliver with precision.

To focus on a project’s key operational aspect like foodservice and laundry design; a proficient architect will engage a leading foodservice design consultant like Food Strategy to fuse many years of professional expertise in foodservice, commercial kitchens, commercial laundries, catering equipment, HVAC, construction, HACCP, health and building codes to ensure ongoing project and operational excellence for the client.

Architects who are working on greenfield projects, major refurbishments or new concepts can now grow their businesses in the foodservice industry by using the expertise and reliability of the Food Strategy team.  With our commitment to ongoing training and the support of a cross-referenced design team, your architectural project will always be on track.

Food Strategy are the only independent foodservice design consultants to provide fully documented designs using Revit and AutoCAD 3D which integrate seamlessly with the architect’s master file; either locally or via FTP protocols.  The Food Strategy team also have additional qualifications in interior design making them the only foodservice design company that appreciates and can link the architect’s interior design brief with the foodservices component of the master plan.

Food Strategy has amassed an in-house library of Revit families and AutoCAD blocks exceeding 7000 items of specific foodservice, stainless steel components and catering equipment. Each model has been created in-house to ensure accuracy of the design and specification process for documentation.

To ensure accuracy and mitigate risk, Food Strategy does not import file sharing or outsourced design components from 3rd party design software or download sites.  To provide an ultimate design for the architect and project precision for the builder; Food Strategy considers every project to be unique and will create new families and blocks specifically to exacting measurements.

Food Strategy’s director Robert Green is an academic guest lecturer in food-premises design at the Queensland University of Technology.  Robert is formally qualified in fit out and construction and previously held an open General Builder’s license for past foodservice design and construct projects.  Now specialising in foodservice design, his background in foodservice and construction is a key point of difference in the high quality of designs and documentation for the building and architectural industries.

To validate his credentials, Robert has been appointed to the FCSI international board of trustees 2012 for the Australia and New Zealand chapters. This is a humbling appointment- to be acknowledged by the global FCSI board in Canada as a professional foodservice consultant of international standard and to represent the board in the professional capacity. With this appointment he also has access to a worldwide group of foodservice professionals than can meet all your needs; from HACCP compliance, systems and menu analysis to design – anywhere in the world!

Food Strategy’s study of foodservice design incorporates years of experience and global research of; foodservice, catering equipment, mechanical ventilation systems, sanitation, food production, occupational health and safety, refrigeration, cold rooms, construction, environmental and sustainable design and specification, workflows, HACCP, health and building codes. 

Food Strategy is internationally accredited with the world-wide body of foodservice consultant professionals FCSI (Foodservice Consultant’s Society International), fully insured and are active members of foodservice and business industry associations.

Projects for architects and builders: food production factories and facilities, aged care, hospitals, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars and beer reticulation, schools, colleges, universities, mining camp kitchens, institutions, restaurant kitchens, shopping centres, grocery, hospitality, educational, health, commercial kitchen, laundry, retail, heritage, consultancy and solutions.

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