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FCSI LogoTo promote ethical and responsible decision making and behaviour in everything we do and for everyone we engage with, Food Strategy has standards and policies adopted during mandatory training programs for all employees. They embody honesty, integrity, quality and trust.

Our people are selected because they are passionate about their craft, clients, safety and the sustainability of people and the globe.  Our culture is built on our core values.   This business will continue to evolve to strengthen our corporate reputation by embracing new practices for workplace safety and the environment.

In addition Food Strategy abides by the FCSI (Foodservice Consultant’s Society International) Code of Conduct and maintains annual testing and accreditation to their international board to maintain membership. )  We must abide by their codes of conduct and ethics, continued professional growth and development including sustainable design and workplace safety practices to ensure our ongoing registration.

Please read the FCSI Code of Conduct [PDF 2.58MB]

Our Purpose:

To develop long term business relationships for ongoing mutual success using creativity, enhancement and delivery of a high quality service that is core to our business.  By consistently growing, developing and enhancing our business we can give customers the quality services and products that enhance their success.

Our Values:

  • Internal and external long terms relationships as a key to success.
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer relationships
  • Product leadership

Mission Statement

 “Our mission is to ensure our clients ideas are converted into specific plans and concepts for design and project management.  We will use service and support as key tools to enable their projects to be on time, on budget and meet their quality expectations. 

We will achieve this by providing our employees with a supportive and honest work environment where everyone can dedicate themselves to providing customers with exceptional workmanship and professional integrity while building profitability and strength in our business.”

Sustainable Design

When specifying catering equipment, finishes and fixtures into our designs the impact of their use can have a positive or negative impact on the greater environment.

Food Strategy is committed to assisting its clients in creating healthier working and living environments with the aim to; reduce a building’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; provide a safe and practical work environment to all stakeholders. 
Food Strategy adheres to the highest standards of design principles and foodservice as specified by:

  • The Building Code of Australia
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  • The Green Building Council of Australia

Please read our Environmental Statement [PDF 1.7MB]

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